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Heaven Hell Purgatory Interactive is a directory of pages within the Divine Portal containing programs, tours, surveys, tests, polls, and other fun activities where you can interact with the celestial realms. Until we complete the corporeality prototype, these are the primary ways in which our realms can interact and learn more about each other.

To help spread word of our arrival, and to ensure a peaceful and prosperous integration with the earth, please consider linking to us from your website with the following code:

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Surveys and Tests
The Afterlife Test - Are you going to Heaven or Hell, or will you be stuck in Purgatory?
Are You Neurotic? - a psychology test brought to you by the Neuroses Organization
Holier Than Thou - take the Holy Test and find out exactly how Holy or Unholy you are
Interact with God
Send a message, question, or prayer to God herself, or browse the Dear God archives.
Submit your true confessions directly to God and be absolved of all your deadly sins!
Report fashion crimes and make fashion statements as a member of The Fashion Police.
Doomsday Poll - vote for the end of the world, hosted by the Book of Prophecies
Control Poll - Who holds the most power in the battle for control over the planet earth?
Programs and Activities
Demon Chess - challenge the celestial realms of Heaven and Hell to a game of chess
Web Tarot - a free online Celtic Cross Tarot program, hosted by Mythologies.org
Political Asylum Application - apply to receive political asylum from the celestial realms
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