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Choose your destiny at Heaven Hell Purgatory™, in the spiritual realms for advanced technology (Purgatory), art (Hell), biotechnology (Heaven), and ideology (All of HHP).

The Afterlife is Here and Now!

Use the menu on your left to explore the celestial entities representing the realms of Purgatory, Hell and Heaven within the Divine Portal. Each of the 30 entities offers unique services to help make both of our worlds more harmonious and enlightened places in which to live. We are not religious fanatics. Quite to the contrary, we advocate freedom of religion, speech, love, life, creativity, and peaceful coexistence on Earth.

For news headlines documenting the timeline of our arrival on the planet Earth, visit each site's
news page, or head on over to Hell's very own Lava Media for the complete collection of news archives for our Gateway to the celestial realm. To interact with our realm, visit our Interactive page. You may contact God and/or confess your sins to the Lord of Heaven using the Dear God communication interface developed in Purgatory.
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